Free Flow Cytometry Software:

This software is provided in a spirit of collegiality for testing by interested parties. It is provided without warranty of any kind and no claims are made regarding its suitability for any task. All are Java programs and will run on systems with a recent Java version installed. Launch the downloaded ".jar" file by double-clicking.  For Macintosh installation see below.
WARNING: Do not subject primary data to these programs. All files should be backed up prior to processing.

The Cellular Symphony:

The Cellular Symphony is an audio representation of flow cytometric data. Each cell is represented by musical notes of timbre, pitch and volume dependent on its FCM parameters. The program correlates the audio output with 2D and 3D graphical display. It may be that only a musical savant can detect the intricacies in a 3-instrument cellular symphony or it may be that the average cytometrist also can do so with practice. Your comments are invited.
Note: in addition to Java, CellSymphony requires an accessible midi synthesizer (supplied with most modern computers). For Macintosh installation see below.


Where it is feared that a flow cytometry data file has been violated, for example at the start of the file by cells carried over from the previous sample, or at the end of the file by a nozzle blockage, Hackit can be used to clip the offending stream of cells from the file. It may be used also to concatenate the data from a number of files. For Macintosh installation see below.


Where flow cytometry data files from the clinic are to be used in research projects, DeID is used to remove patient identification. This is achieved by writing a copy of the data file with selected keyword values removed.  DeID has been revised (July 2013) to enable processing of multi-block data files (Beckman-Coulter .LMD, *Guava microtitre data,  *Cell-Dyn data).  For Macintosh installation see below.


WEASEL is a general purpose flow cytometry data analysis and display program [see  the detailed description].

WEASEL is not provided free for long term use but a fully functional copy may be downloaded free for a 30 day test.  For further information on the latest version , find it here.

Macintosh Installation:

  • In System Preferences, select Security & Privacy and set "Allow applications downloaded from:" to "Anywhere".
  • Right click on the .jar file and select Open and confirm the "Open" request.
  • The program will launch and can be run subsequently just by double-clicking.
  • You may then return your preferences to their original state.

*Guava is a trademark of Millipore Corporation. Cell-Dyn is a trademark of Abbott Laboratories.

Copyright (c) 2012 Frank Battye